Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Big Change

Not Just Music will soon move to a new location. No further posts will be put up until then

Thursday, June 15, 2006

.//_ pundit's view .xPro !

.//_ pundit's view .xPro !

ok this is a blog of my friend...about soccer tech etc..... you might like it

Raiden Begins Posting..Our Story.::.Introduction.::.

Ok lets begin

What happened is that I (harshit) happen to be a typical geek, plus of course a great music listener, and a good fan of shubham who is a great guitarist. We were discussing about blogs when shubham came up with this idea. and here it is

The blog is just that. It is about music but not just music. Its about tech too. Tech which mostly affects us music fans but other stuff too. Though we mainly are rock fans we discuss whatever is good ( or bad enough to be talked about!).

You all are welcome to post comments and discuss about your likes and dislikes. We look forward to having a great time with you all


Also for a completely tech oriented blog try http://pooryounggeek.blogspot.com

finally it has happened.i had been planning this for a year now and it has finally happened.this blog is about music but as the name suggest not only about music.this blog is a fusion of music and latest buzz from information technology.infromation technology is not my thing,but i have a co-author with me.his name is harshit and he's a total whizkid.he's loaded with a lot of knowledge.he's an encyclopedia.since,i'm a guitarist,i will also help you out in my small way.you can send me the songs you wanna learn.i will send you the chords and the tabs of the song.watch this space for more.